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Originally Posted by deandebean View Post
A team's legacy is measured by the championships it wins. Not by the regular season banners it wins. That's a given. If you think otherwise, it's your choice. But history is made with playoff success, not with regular season titles.
And yet the playoffs are a rather poor measure of what the best team in any given year is. But the playoffs have never been about crowning the best team, they're about crowning the champion team.

When trying to win future playoffs, it's important to try to build good teams, and to do so, one must not overestimate what happened in past playoffs simply because it happened to be the playoffs. It's data, but it doesn't have significantly more analytical value than regular season games, even if they have more emotional value.

Cups are the objective, but how a team does in five playoff games tells us a lot less about that team than how it does over fifty regular games.

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