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Originally Posted by DuckJet View Post
Stephensen (should've been Iafrate)
Ikonen (wtf? Why not Zach'd he fall to 5?)
McGinn...again...why not Z. Stepan
Bohman...why not Tremblay

started out really awesome, but just kinda went off.
I really wanted Ikonen, actually. Would your opinion of him change if he starts in the SM instead of Jr.A next season? But really, I don't draft out of the USHS system unless someone REALLY stands out (and/or is definitely BPA), and Stepan isn't that guy to me. I thought for sure Iafrate was going to slip to my 127th pick, and that no one likely had him higher than that (by that point, most are getting lazy and following CSS ranking lists until they find a name not crossed out). Being taken before my next pick as a random "missed pick" bummed me out a bit, since I also missed out on Samuelsson earlier.

I really like the work McGinn puts into his game. Training with his brothers is going to pay off soon, trust me. Not afraid of a tiny wrist break, and wasn't going to let all the NHL bloodlines escape. If anyone else though, looking back, this probably should have been where I picked Beauvillier.

As for Bohman and Valkonen, well, I got two great European defensemen that no one else is talking about, right there. I've seen a fair amount of MODO, and let's just say that I think the captain of their U20 group might do just fine over here. I'll be interested to see how long it takes to earn his way back up to the Eliteserien ranks on a more permanent basis. The Blues are also one of the easier teams to catch streams of (hence the Ikonen pick, btw), and I basically flipped a coin between Valkonen and Oksanen. I'd be happy with either. They'd make great North American pros.

And which Tremblay, Francois? I would have taken Machovsky over him, tbh, but wasn't planning on taking either as high as the #128 that Tremblay was taken (I took Bohman 187th).

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