Thread: Confirmed with Link: Therrien is new Habs coach
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06-06-2012, 06:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
As far as I'm concerned, Therrien didn't hire himself. Who starts the thread...."Did we make a mistake with Bergevin"...that would be fun....or how about "We miss Gauthier".....just to see to what level this fanbase could reach. Any chance we give the guy a ****ing preseason game to start saying that he hasn't changed or that he's bad? That you don't like him? That's fine with me. He's not my first choice either. Geez he's my 4th which in the end, I did not want to come to my 4th choice. But to already determine his quality as if you know where's he's at in his career? That makes no sense whatsoever. Oh and most of you are giving the Bruins fans so much fun right now.....Your reactions make them forget about there playoff deception and the Thomas story. At least, it serves a real purpose....
This reaction was going to happen no matter who was named Coach unless it was somebody like Lemaire. There weren't that many amazing candidates to choose from .. not like GM when Bergevin might have not been everybody's choice but everybody could get behind him being picked.

Therrien, Hartley, Crawford, Roy, Carbo .. all choices that bring some level of controversy and that would have generated disagreement and strong arguments IMO, specially from a large fan base like ours..

What I find laughable is how some people seem to be going out of the way to scream loud enough so that 3-4 years from now when Therrien is fired they can come back to this thread, quote their own posts, and score some sort of point then.

Therrien personally wasn't my choice, I am not particularly fond of him, but I am willing to give him a chance before comparing him to Hitler ..

Some of the things that get said in here are pathetic tbh. This board is getting harder and harder to participate in.

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