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06-06-2012, 08:38 AM
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Originally Posted by OilerNut View Post
One other pet peeve I have is when we had an odd number of players show up, like 14, they would have 3 lines of forwards, 2 lines of defencemen and have the extra guy, usually me, play every other shift on the 3rd line. So there would be two of us with half the ice time of everyone else because they didn't want to mess up the lines.
That's BS, everyone should have the same amount of ice time, you're all paying to be there after all. When my teams has an odd number of guys (our whole roster would be 13 skaters), we'll do this:

13 skaters: 2 sets of D, 3 lines of fowards (never happens)
12 skaters: 2 sets of D, 2 centers and 3 sets of wing (rarely happens)
11 skaters: 2 sets of D, 2 lines with one switching position each shift and when they cycle through a line, which is usually a period, they'll cycle through the other line (not uncommon)
10 skaters: 2 sets of D, 2 lines (most common)
9 skaters: 3 players on D, 2 lines (also very common)
8 skaters: 3 players on D, 2 subs for forward

And we're allowed to sub guys in from the other games if we have less than 8. The point is, we all pretty much get the same ice time minus the case with 12 skaters but people don't even want to play center in that role because it's too much skating.

My frustration for today though is playing on a brand new sheet of ice. Ugh, can't stick handle, can't skate, can't do anything. I'm not sure if my skates were dull or if it was just the ice. Hopefully by next week it'll be beat up enough to be playable on.

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