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Originally Posted by Raimu View Post
I like Cuzner as well.

But I would have to think that nobody seriously expects Terenzio to even get a sniff in this draft. With each team only able to protect 1 goalie, you'd think there would be AT LEAST 17 guys who would be more appealing than a 19 year old American who is (correct me if I'm wrong) the smallest goalie in the league, has a questionable track record, missed almost an entire season with a concussion and mono and, combined with the fact that he was drafted at 17, means he's only had a year and about 2 months experience as a QMJHL Goalie, and a large chunk of that experience was spent as a backup to Mathieu Corbeil or Fredrick Piche.

Don't wanna sound like I'm ragging on the kid too much cause I do like Anthony and his style of play is entertaining to watch, (albeit slightly uncomfortable not knowing when he'll just randomly let in a softie while flopping around on the ice.) but If Sherbroke takes Terenzio than the organization has some major problems right off the bat haha.
Teams could protect as many goalies as they wanted

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