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Originally Posted by Petes96 View Post
its not so much about convincing him as far as I'm concerned. He is a signed player under a contract. Its the Petes option to trade him. If they feel that he could help them advance this year then keep him. But if he doesn't want to be here why keep him around. It will only cause distension on the team and make things worse (like Spooner). But I wouldn't let him dictate where he will be traded to. Reid did this with Watson and can't do it now. If he doesn't go where the Petes get the best offer I would sit him at home and let the Senators deal with him.
Bang on. And from what I know, Reid is doing just that and to this point has said he is not trading Matt Puempel. As for trading him where the best offer may be, it could be tricky since Matt is a 1st rd pick and I'm sure he has a NTC. What also leads me to believe Matt has the weight to dictate is that he gave Dave Reid one team (yes, one) that he wants to go to. Talk about being backed into a corner. But, as I said, Reid is saying he is not trading Matt Puempel and I think he certainly learned a few lessons from the Watson debacle, so how this all unfolds is yet to be seen.

Originally Posted by PetesFan94 View Post
So you think Menard and Findlay is enough to convince Matt to stay with the team this season? Also, what's the hold up on why these deals haven't been announced to the public
Petes96 summed it up rather nicely, but I'll also just say I don't believe Matt wants to leave Peterborough simply because the team is not (or was not) very good. It's a little more personal than that to Matt given his relationship with who and where he has asked to be dealt to and as far as hockey trades go, it's a damn tough one (perhaps impossible) to make. Matt may simply have to understand that and live with it, although I have little doubt the Ottawa Senators organization may advise him to stay put or simply loosen his demands.

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