Thread: Speculation: Can Radulov become a Hab?
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06-06-2012, 09:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
I don't know how an NHL team can compete with the KHL for Radulov. He seems like he's all about the money (and IMHO that is totally fair and no knock on him), so if a KHL team offers him $5M at 13% tax, he'd still be taking home more than $4M after taxes. For him to beat that in Montreal... isn't that going to be like an $8M contract? He's good and all, but I don't know that we (or any other NHL team) can really afford to go that far out on the salary limb for him?
Then why did he just come back to NHL?
As i said in this post months ago, his future is not in Nashville,never was.
His heart IMHO is in Quebec or KHL ...take your pick .He now got himself in position to go to Quebec .

Here's how it's gonna be, Nashville will trade his rights, and if Radu likes the team he will stay NHL...I got to think he KNOWS QUEBEC , he knows he's a instant rock star here.....

Marc Bergervin if ya want to take some heat off yourself for the Therrien hire,then get Radulov, a lot of fan pressure will go away very fast.....

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