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Originally Posted by Skraut View Post
And this right here is why the entertainment industry sucks to work in.

If you have a bad meal at your favorite restaurant do you walk into the kitchen and demand the chef be fired?

If the lady at Starbucks forgets your extra foam, do you get on a message board and demand she be fired?

If the box you receive from Amazon comes a little beat up, do you call up UPS and demand the driver be fired?

Yet for some reason, when entertainment is involved it is "OK" because people are fans and trying to "Protect" the thing they care about.

I've watched grown men cry because in an NBA playoff game they hit the wrong button on a 250 button TV switcher, and the whole country saw 2 seconds of bars instead of the replay, and they knew they would never work as Technical Director again.

I was associate producer on a video game who's development time was cut in half by the publisher. It was part of the reason I quit, but when the game shipped, one review gave it a 2 out of 10 and mentioned that those who let a game ship in that condition should be fired.

As race director at a quarter mile drag strip, each season I would have several racers who would appeal to the track owner to have me fired, because they didn't like the official ruling I had to make.

In the 5 years I've worked in the "Corporate" world never once has anyone called for me to be fired. And while I miss the excitement of entertaining others, I don't miss the other side of the equation. You work hard, not only in "normal" office hours, but also nights, weekends. While others are being entertained, you're the one busting your butt working the venue, setting up the TV cameras, making sure the crowds are kept away from the fireworks blast zone, or finishing up a 100 hour week squashing bugs to meet the publisher's deadline.

All to make someone else happy and forget about their sad pathetic lives for a few hours.

And if you slip up anywhere... get this
Maybe you're right about generally working in the entertainment industry. But nobody's calling for Howson to be fired because of any specific moment or loss. It's been 5 years of mostly crap. That does not qualify as a small sample size.

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