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06-06-2012, 09:54 AM
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yeah--even IF the Hawks got him we'd still not win anyrthhing with that D and goaltending...AND Parise is so good that he's such a "difference-maker" against L.A. ---Come on guys -you win as a TEAM -strong in all sections--forwards,D and goalie --NOT as a "CORE" of alleged "stars" who get the big bucks plus a few grunt nobodies to fill out the rest of the roster - he's a nice player BUT I don't think he makes much difference when we already have 4 big bucks "stars" up front..It would reek of imbalence,jealousy etc... I'd rather have a Ladd and BUFF to help the "role" needs over the "star" needs ...The only star we need is a star goalie...MISPLACED idea..

Ditto for adding a SUTER ...though his competency would help oyr D- BUT for the same $$$ or a bit more we could add 2 COMPETENT but not considered"star" veteran D-men to HELP our TEAM ..

You hear the expression--too many cooks spoil the broth--WELL--too many "stars" spoil the TEAM and cause CAP misallocation gaps too wide ON BALANCE to win the CUP with proper team chemistry...

WE do need COMPETENCY --but not more "stars" and the big $$$ they command--you give them those bicks and the COMPACENT cheque cashing disease will infect
this already CORE-stared team even more than the country club laziness Q tolerated last year...

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