Thread: Confirmed with Link: Therrien is new Habs coach
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06-06-2012, 09:56 AM
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Originally Posted by WeThreeKings View Post
The language of our customers is English, Swedish, French, Russian, Finnish. We have Swedish fans from Mats Naslunds tenure with the Habs. Russian after the Summitt Series. Finnish from Saku Koivu. This is an international enterprise. It is actually a slap in the face of the many ethnicities and cultures who bleed, cheer and cry for the team to service ONE portion.
Being a Québécois does not relate to the color of one's skin, their religion or their heritage.

But in principle, and I know this won't be a popular opinion here, one thing binds all Québécois together is the idea that they speak a common language. Maybe not as their main language, but what has been the propeller of many politics in this province over the past few years is the idea that we are using this one language to communicate together. Some hate it, but that's the matter of the fact. You can live in the US without speaking a word of English. You probably won't get much done though. Same applies for Québec and the French language.

Now, I understand that the Canadiens have fans worldwide, and that's nice. But any professional sports franchise should and does, first and foremost, cater to the local public above all. That doesn't mean Russians aren't welcome to cheer for the Canadiens, but you don't see Molson taking billboard ads of Brian Gionta in Moscow. Just like you don't see Pittsburgh Steelers ads in downtown Montréal.

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