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Originally Posted by JustAnotherHockeyFan View Post
A friend of mine is in this ice hockey group (pseudo beer hockey group) that plays once a week. Although I haven't skated in ten years, it sounds appealing. Do you think this is a good idea? Hockey gear will be expensive though.

(It's a non contact league with varying degrees of skill).
varying degrees of skill? yeah, it's a good idea. Make sure they know you suck at hockey though. Some people hate dealing with that even in a low level rec league(My view was they could shove it. I don't deserve to play because I'm, not as good as you? You can join a better league. I can't)

As far as gear, phone around to second hand gear stores as tell them you are looking to buy a complete set of hockey equipment. Some will give you a 10% discount. Over here, I can pick up smaller skates from goodwill for about $15, and if cash converters has em, same price. Have to be a smaller size, like a men's 9 or under usually. I am a men's 7, and lots of teen boys outgrow those.

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