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06-06-2012, 10:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Gabe84 View Post
Because it's not a portion of the population: it's a majority of the population. Downtown Montréal may be more anglophone than the rest of the province, but the Canadiens' "local" fanbase includes the suburbs and the different parts of Montréal that you probably haven't visited and that are almost exclusively French-speaking. My point being that--and that's only speculation from my part--the parts of Montréal you've seen, the ones that are actually interesting for someone to see, are indeed more anglo because of the need for the staff, residents, etc. to be able to communicate with tourists and visitors.

What you do and what you see as a tourist or a visitor is, most of the time, very different than the every day life of the residents. For instance, I doubt many New Yorkers have been to Liberty Island in the last few years (it's kind of a silly example but I'm sure you get my point). Also, as an anglophone, you would be drawn to section of the city that are mostly English-speaking, whether because you have friends or family that live in such neighborhoods, or because you have no business/interest hanging out in residential districts that don't speak your language.

Plus, you are forgetting one thing that has been mentioned repeatedly: the Canadiens are also constantly appealing to the English-speaking crowd as well. I'm sure you've been to the Bell; everything in there is both in French and English, from the national anthem to the ads on the main screen.

Edit: also, I don't like debating whether Montréal is "diverse" or not, that's not the point. We're talking strictly language. The portion of the population that speaks neither French nor English is tiny.
So you think it is right to claim that the francophone fans in the "local" suburbs are better fans than the anglophone fans in those same suburbs and thus should be catered to? All I am saying is if you are making it a point to hire french speaking only coaches, players or managers, then you are saying that the francophone portion of the population of your french fanbase is the single most important part and that they should be catered to at the expense of the rest of the fanbase.

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