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Sully on the Powerplay Point

I know that many of us have been complaining about Sully on the point on the Powerplay, so I decided I would do a little research. How common is it and how successful is putting a forward out on the point for your main powerplay unit.


What I found was this:

-17 teams use 2 dmen at the point on their main PP unit for an average current PP rank of 14.4.

-10 teams use 1 dman and one forward at the point on their main PP unit for an average current PP rank of 19.4.

-3 teams were classified as “blended” because they didn’t fit well into either above category and their average current PP rank is 8.6.


This is the breakdown of the teams:

ANA….2 dmen….. S. Neidermayer and Beauchemin on the points…..ranked 18th.

ATL…blended…now 2 dmen DeVries and Modry on the point, it used to be Kovulchuk on the point but they gave up a few costly shorts as a result…..ranked 8th.

BOS….2 dmen….Leetch and Stuart at the points…..they used to be ranked 9th before the Thornton trade, now they are ranked 24th.

BUF….1 dman….they alternate 2 big point shot in Pominville, a dman and Kotalik, a forward on the points, but only have 1 dman back at a time… is the highest ranked of the 1 dmen teams and is now ranked 3rd.

CAL…..2 dmen…..Ference and Phaneuf, and you know how big a point shot Dion has…..they are ranked 9th.

CAR…1 dman…they user their passers at the point and have 4 sometimes 5 forwards out at a time, and lack a big point shot….they are ranked 15th.

COL….2 dmen…Blake and Liles at the points..good puck movers and both with a decent point shot….they are ranked 6th.

CHI…1 dman…currently Seabrook is the only dman with Bell occupying the other point, they have missed Aucoin….they have sucked all year and are ranked 30th.

CBJ….2 dmen….Hanisey and Foote are not offensive minded with only 12 and 14 points respectively….it shows as they have also sucked all year and are ranked 29th.

DAL…2 dmen…Zubov is the QB, but they have surprisingly been very mediocre all year and are ranked 17th.

DET….2 dmen….Lidstrom and Schneider are two of the best point men and their PP has been ranked 1st almost all year.

EDM….2 dmen…..Spacek and Pronger with Pronger’s big point shot got off to a slow start this year ….they are ranked 12th.

FLO….1 dman…Boumeester and Jokinen at the points…...ranked 25th.

LAK…2 dmen…Corvo and Visnovsky at the points and as well as Visnovsky started in the year, they only are ranked 26th.

MIN….1 dman…Foster is the dman with the big point shot with Bouchard or Rolston manning the other point….they are ranked 19th.

MTL…. 2 dmen…Markov and Sooray make an effective point tandem…they are ranked 5th.

NAS….1 dman…Sully on the point opposite Timonen or Zidlicky…enough said….ranked 11th.

NJD….1 dman…Rafalski and Langenbrunner at the other point…they have been anemic all year and are ranked 21st.

NYI…2 dmen…Marinek and Zhitik have been weak at the points and Sopel was too before he was trade…..they are ranked 22nd.

NYR….2 dmen…Rozsival and Tyutin man the points as the Europlay is ranked 7th with 9 out of 10 of the players on their two powerplay units being European..

OTT…blended…Chara and Redden are the dmen, but they like to pull Alfredsson out on the point to utilize his big point shot frequently……they are ranked 2nd.

PHI….2 dmen….Pitkanen and Desjardins on the points…they are ranked 13th.

PHX…2 dmen…Mara and Michalek on the points ….they are ranked 14th.

PIT…2 dmen…Gonchar and Whitney on the points…they are ranked 10th.

SJ…1 dman…Ehroff is their dman, but the have been using Patrick Marleau at the point all year…..they have been doing better since Thornton came but still are only ranked 20th.

STL…1 dman…Wideman is their dman, but they have been using forward Scott Young’s big point shot, but still only are ranked 27th.

TB….1 dman …Kubina is the dman, but they are using Brad Richards at the other point….this looks to me like a waste, the way we are wasting Sully….they are only ranked 23rd.

TOR….2 dmen…McCabe has been their big point shot, but since teams have been shadowing him, they have gone to an umbrella pulling out Mats Sundin and using Kaberle high as well…they are ranked 4th.

VAN….blended….currently Baumgartner is there dman with forward Morrison manning the other point, but Jovo and Salo were the dmen manning the point prior to all the injuries….they are ranked 16th.

WAS…2 dmen…Muir and Clymer are weak at the point and it shows with a ranking of 28th, what they do score is due to the Ovechkin show.

[disclaimer] although the rankings are current….some of the personnel may have recently changed due to injuries, etc.


Only limited amount of conclusions can be drawn, because we all know that PP rankings are due to multiple variables, but what I have been able to discern is this:

1] Using 1 dman and 1 forward on on the point is more commonly used than what I expected to find, but still not as common as 2 dmen at the point.

2] By averages the teams that primarily employ 2 dmen at the point tend to have a higher ranked PP than those that don’t.

3] Of the top 10 ranked powerplays….7 used 2 dmen, 2 were blends, and only 1 used primarily 1 dman at the point.


Taking this into account this is how I feel about it.

I still think Sully’s skills are being misused at the point on our Powerplay. He doesn’t have a great, or even good point shot and we have had many shorthanded opportunities directly related to him being at the point. The main argument can be that he gets more PP time than he otherwise would, because they can shift him down low for part of the 2nd units time. I can also see him best utilized on the upper left of the umbrella than at the standard left point, but the umbrella worsens our already bad ability to hold in the puck on the clearing attempts.

I would change the 1st unit to have Weber out on the left point to utilize his cannon [ala Phaneuf] keeping Timonen or Zidlicky out on the right point to quarterback….Kariya at the right half boards….Sully down low left…..and Perreault or Legwand down low right.

On the 2nd unit I would have the left over of Timonen or Zidlicky on the right point…Suter or Hammer out on the left point….Legwand, Erat, or even Upshall at the right halfboards….with Hartnell or Hall down low left, and Sillinger, Walker, or even Tootoo down low right if we had the draw covered.

Food for thought, anyway….

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