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Originally Posted by Guerzy View Post
He was in Mexico on a family vacation, which I was told was planned without knowing when the banquet was. All in all, not really acceptable in my opinion given this banquet happens every year around the same time and as you say, he was to be there for a presentation of a donation that was centered around himself.

Perhaps he'll loosen his demands and he'll be able to be shopped. It's a bit difficult, though not impossible, to bring your Captain back when he's asked to be dealt. Many players over the years have asked to be traded only to not be traded, and sometimes it works out just fine. Only time will tell how this works itself out. One thing is for sure, if Matt Puempel is dealt you can bet the return will be a good one after what Reid went though with Watson. If it's not a good one, I feel strongly Puempel will have to sit tight because Reid isn't about to settle or get fleeced again. The Austin Watson trade is and was embarrassing in every aspect.

Lastly, at this point, this hasn't been admitted to the media by Reid, Pelino, Oke, Matt Puempel himself or his agent, so there has not been and likely will not be a story on it. If nothing comes about from it and Puempel stays, you can bet it doesn't get let out then either and it will be put to rest as a rumor that never had legs. Unless of course it comes to a point in which Matt Puempel will not come to Peterborough to play, then it will get a little nasty but to be honest I'm not sure the Ottawa Senators would advise Matt of such actions, but you never know. Let's face it, given the poor years and seasons the Petes have recently endured, from big name players asking out or being moved for different reasons, to the debacle of selling the team, to declining season ticket sales and attendance in general, etc.. the organization does not want this in the media and from what I can gather Matt Puempel's side along with his agent have been told that as well and the Petes organization are carrying out the same actions. Makes me believe that he may indeed be dealt given the give and take from each side in terms of "you stay quiet, we stay quiet and we'll deal with it internally". On the flip side there simply may not be a good enough deal for the Petes to make so Puempel will either be given the option to come play or sit. This going public in the media and news would simply be even more crippling to the Peterborough Petes and their image to their fans, players, league, etc. All in all, not good.
well unfortunately reading it on here and you have the inside scoop gives the rumour some merit and will no doubt get out to the media before long and someone will have to answer to it. Let it be Reid or Puempel himself

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