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06-06-2012, 11:58 AM
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Quotes aren't working, so I'll just say this...

Trotz and Poile may have discussed what to do about the Radulov/Kostitsyn incident, but Trotz has final say on rosters. It was ultimately his decision to sit them both for two games, and when he came out and said if the team won Game 3 he was all but guaranteed to play the same roster in Game 4 (meaning, he was going to scratch them both again) he painted himself into a corner. You just don't do that. You go with the suspension. That's fine. You play the game, and you look at what happened on the ice during that game. THEN you make the roster decision for the next game. You don't make decisions for Game 4 before a single shift in Game 3 has been played. Trotz screwed himself there, and I bet he knows it.

The line up in Game 3 worked its collective ass off, sure, and they got a couple of goals early off of some very good work on the forecheck. However, the rest of the game showed the team lacked quite a bit of offensive creativity. I guess that should have been expected since two of the best offensive players on the roster were suspended. But the team won, and Trotz stuck to what he said was likely to happen.

Trotz is a proud man. Sometimes pride gets in the way of our better judgment; I think we can all think of times in our lives when that has happened.

Of course, I guess it's easy to say that we could have used some offense in Game 4 after seeing the results. It's impossible to predict whether or not putting both of those guys back into the line up for Game 4 would have resulted in more goals for the Coyotes, or any for the Predators. After all, the score to Game 5, which featured both, was 2-1.

I also don't see why Poile would say anything about this to the media unless the offers he was fielding just weren't cutting it. Considering his history with handling the media, that just seems like a strange mistake to all of the sudden make.

Radulov is heading to Russia. They are essentially pulling out all of the stops, ethical or not (granted, cultural differences create differences in what is considered ethical), to lure him back. That's not Poile's fault.

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