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11-26-2003, 09:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Enoch
You can overachieve and still play a weak schedule. There is no insult there. I do not think its off-base to say that the eastern confrence is the weaker confrence, and I do not think its off-base to say that Atlanta is in the weakest confrence in the league. Naturally, this gives them an easier schedule than most teams in the league. Again, this is not an insult. The Thrashers, currently, are overachieving. By overachiveing, I mean they are playing better than they ever have, (team wise and personnel wise), and are doing the complete unexpected. They are going out everynight and playing hard, and when you play hard, good things will, for the most part, follow. Honestly, I dont think they will be able to get the goals/breaks that they have been getting all season long. It is an 82 game schedule, and I'm not sure that some of these guys can keep the pace up. Hartley is giving Ilya tons of minutes, and star though he may be, he may not be 100% come mid-season. I said this last year about Minnesota and while they still made the playoffs, you could see that certain players started to taper off @ mid-season. Gaborik was very cold until he made it into the playoffs, for example. This could very easily happen to Kovalchuk, especially with the minutes he is logging. Anyways, I digress. The question was whether or not the THrashers are for real. I do not think they are for real...YET. They have some great young players and may even make the playoffs, but much like us, they are still not quite there yet. I think there defense has serious issues, and their scoring depth has a lot to be desired. If Heatly comes back on fire, then the scoring depth issue will be a lot less important, but it will still be there. One line teams can only get you so far *Avs last year, and us as well*, hot goalies only stay hot for so long......*look at last night's game: Pasi let in an extremely soft goal in the 6 - 3 loss.*, and its hard to maintain the effort that the Thrashers have shown up to this point. I like the THrashers, and they are one of my favorite teams. Still, I do not think they are there yet.

Hope that makes sense .
Makes sense to me.

And while I do agree that the southeast division is the weakest in hockey, I think that the gap between that division and others in the NHL has closed.

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