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Originally Posted by Lafontaine View Post
I decided to come back and post again because I simply hadn't had enough abuse from the board last time. My basic argument is that Price is terribly over-valued. I can't believe that there are people here who wouldn't swap Price for the first overall pick. Looking at first overall history alone, there is at least a 60% chance that Yakupov becomes a Kane/Ovechkin/Stamkos level player. This is the type of rare talent that Montreal hasn't seen in two decades and could help change the fate of the organization.

Now Price...

My general argument about Price is not that he is a terrible goaltender (though at times in the past I have felt that way), I simply believe that because of his age and background he is overhyped and overvalued. This makes him a great trade asset, but doesn't necessarily mean he is a valuable difference maker on the ice.

Is he a difference maker? I would argue that at his best, Carey Price has shown that he is a very solid keeper, but my question is basically, does he steal games for us? Very few goaltenders have the ability to essentially win games on their own and in four years I've yet to see Price prove that he can make this kind of impact on a consistent basis. So why are we valuing this kid as though he is a Patrick Roy, Dominic Hasek, Henrik Lundqvist... I was a Halak fan because at his best, Halak got us into the play-offs and won a series. Whereas Price, at his worst, has lost us a play-off round.

Essentially, goalies like Price are a dime a dozen, goaltenders who, when in form are solid NHL netminders. There are probably 20 other goalies in the league who could have been in net for Montreal this year and it wouldn't have changed the outcome of our season.

Think Cam Ward in Carolina's play-off run, Halak, Mike Smith this year, Jose Theodore during his Hart season, Giguere in '07. These are/were difference making goaltenders. Price may be a top 10 goalie in the league, but in my opinion, to prefer that over a genuinely unique, game changing scoring threat is short-minded and naive. When I blasted "fan-boys" in my last thread it was exactly for this reason - no perspective. I have watched this team for long enough to know that even Jeff Hackett and Christobal Huet produced more game changing performances in their time with us than the over-rated Price.

The Price is wrong *****
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I d be jealous of price too if I was a leaf fan.

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