Thread: Speculation: Can Radulov become a Hab?
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06-06-2012, 03:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
Well, any such team will probably have to move fast and talk soon. He has big $$$ offers on the table in the KHL already, and could sign at any moment. He'll be 27 next year.

I wouldn't give up anything for the rights to talk to him, but if the Preds officially allowed it (whatever the process for that is), then I'd be all for at least checking in with him. At $6M per or less, I'd also be quite interested in signing him. So yeah, if you wanted to make a deal with the Preds like conditional 2nd to them for the right to talk to him, then they get the 2nd if we actually end up signing him, fine. There is really only 1 forward better than him on the summer UFA market (Parise) (and maybe one arguably in the vicinity - Semin), and it's unlikely enough we get either, so making a move for Radulov would be great. So long as we don't lose anything if he takes the KHL money instead.
I think it works something like this:

- Habs approach Nashville saying they're interested in Radulov
- They agree on a price, but everything is conditional until (and if) Radulov signs a contract extension
- Preds allow Habs to talk with Radulov about his new contract
- If they come to an argement and when the extension is signed, the trade gets filed to the NHL offices and goes trough as any other trade

At least that was the case with Varlamov last year, contract was negotiated before the trade happened.

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