Thread: Confirmed with Link: Therrien is new Habs coach
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06-06-2012, 02:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Gabe84 View Post
The problem with coaching is that it's really hard to determine who's a good candidate or not. All we know is that Bergevin conducted a--according to Crawford--very thorough interviewing process. My point is, in the end, picking a coach is almost impossible for us "casual" (to varying degrees) fans. Too many variables we're not aware of. I'm sure Bergevin picked Therrien because of many reasons. Of course, he didn't pick a guy he can't stand. That wouldn't make for a very good team chemistry. The coach and GM work closely together. But still, to think that's the only reason he picked Therrien is a pretty big claim.

As far as Hartley is concerned, Bergevin was not ready to make his choice yet when he was hired, and obviously he didn't feel he was that great that he deserved to get the job before the process was over. Had Hartley been picked and the word came out that many interviews scheduled had been cancelled, many fans would be complaining that Bergevin did a lousy, amateur job at picking a coach and speculation as to who was left to interview (including a mysterious, much better candidate that doesn't really exist) would be running wild.

Again, not happy with the pick, but we really won't know much about the coach's work until after he is fired, if ever. Speculating about how bad he is/will be is pointless. The only barometer we'll really have is once he starts coaching, his record (or should I say, the kind of result he gets out of his roster), and the way he uses his players.

One last thing: I believe that the coach's impact is slightly overrated. At least, in the long run. The Blues had an amazing season under Hitchcock, just like the Jackets did when he first took over. Bylsma was coined as an amazing coach the year he won the cup, but never got past the second round with a stacked team ever since (although they did struggle with injuries). Same with Boudreau, who was seen as some kind of coaching god at first, only to be fired after the honeymoon was over.

Judging Bergevin on this hiring is a bad idea, imo. Ultimately, you win or lose because of your players. Don't judge Bergevin on his coaching choice. Judge him on his trades, free agent signings, waiver claims, etc. This will be, in the end, a minor move compared to the rest of his work, I think.

At least I hope.
That's exactly how I feel. Coaches, from my point of view, get too much praise when they win and too much crap when they lose. Of course, a good coach is an asset to any NHL team, but having good players on the ice is way more important. Judging Therrien's past coaching experience with the Canadiens is a huge mistake to me, just take a look at the roster he had.

It's nice to read you by the way. You make sense, and it's a pretty unique thing over here.

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