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06-06-2012, 02:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Kate08 View Post
Betrand in first chair gives me nightmares. No thank you.

I'd like to see McAdam as a regular host. Love him when he's a guest, and he handled Mazz's Baseball Reporters show when he was out with his injury and did a good job as host, too. I'm a big Michael Holley fan, and I think that would be a pretty interesting combination.

What about getting some estrogen on the air? Wendi Nix comes to mind as someone that could be good (I love her). Not sure that Jackie M would translate well to radio, but she certainly knows her stuff.
I like Sean -- he's articulate, knows his stuff, and appears to love the game. Jackie's great, too, though sports talk radio is likely beneath her. I dislike Holley and his partner (old or new) intensely. A no-nothing per hockey with his snide "Holley Hockey Minute" & dismissive attitude when 'eei was king. Hope he goes down with the ship.

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