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Originally Posted by Rise from the Ashes View Post
Look at Detroits hockey operations and the success they have had and you will see why expansion and diversification is critically important.
Contrary to popular belief the detroit red wings have a terrible drafting record. They identified some stars in Zetterberg, Datysuk, Lidstrom in last 20 years(or so) and people assume they have an excellent development team. Have you looked at their draft success?

It's terrible.

Since 2000 they managed:

Kronwall(1st round, 29th overall)
Kopecky(2nd round, 38th overall)

9 OTHER picks in 2000. Combined NHL games:0


7 picks. 1 player with 4 games, another with 71 games.


Hudler (2nd round, 58th overall)
Vippula (3rd round, 95th overall)
Meech (7th round, 229th overall)
Ericsson (9th round, 291st overall)

Fleischmann selected in round 2, 63rd overall. Later traded with a 1st round pick(Mike Green) and a 4th round pick for Robert Lang. yes, Fleischmann, Green and a 4th for Lang.

The other 5 picks in that draft never played a single NHL game.

I can go on.

I mean in 2003, such a deep draft right?

They got Howard in the 2nd round, 64th overall and kyle quincey in 4th round, 132nd overall.

The other 6 picks in one of the deepest drafts? 0 NHL games played.


So yes, I respect detroit and their class and winning attitude but their player development and drafting is significantly worse than us. It's likely one of the worst in the league.

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