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Originally Posted by rt View Post
I want a happy medium. Something somewhat southwestern but in a subtle way, not a club you over the head with a cactus kind of way, like the original kachina peyote nightmare, but not so sterile and generic as the current dentist office, vanilla kit.

I like that the original logo had a little face paint and a couple of feathers. I like the new set because it's simple. Can't we have something that's not busy but not plain? Something that hints at the southwest without looking like cheeseball tourist trash?
What I liked about the old one was just how far beyond the touristy Kachina stuff I thought it went. It was extreme, but not in the cheesy way you'd expect a mid-'90s "extreme" logo to be. It was jarring and abrasive, which is what you want your hockey team to be.

But I realize not everyone likes things so jarring and abrasive. I also listen to Metal Machine Music regularly, unironically, and while completely sober. So I'm willing to concede I'm in the minority. But I do think a logo for a hockey team called the Coyotes needs some, well, teeth.

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