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Originally Posted by PocketNines View Post
I guess how I'd put it is if the Blues could trade Stewart either for Joe Morrow or the 16th pick in this year's draft, I choose Morrow, no question. Here's my preferred order of operations on a Stewart trade:

1. Package for a top-two center (e.g., Staal) OR for a bonafide #2 LHD (e.g., Yandle, Giordano).
2. Close to straight up for a known prospect (e.g. Morrow, Despres, Gormley, Brodin) at defense or center. Minor balancing if necessary.
3. Straight up for a first round pick in 2012 (e.g., Washington with their situation seems like a good fit since 1. They have the 11th 2. They're losing Semin and not replacing him with Kuznetsov 3. Eastern team).
4. 2013 1st and 2013 3d as compensation for offer sheet.
---- GAP ----
5. Pay him 3.25M for one year and hope like hell he hits the bullseye sweet spot production-wise where you can retain him as a solid player without having to overpay and lose other guys.
6. Trade him for a totally redundant piece (e.g., Gunnarsson), as now you've traded an asset for something easily available on the market.

Reason I'm talking about the third item on the list is it strikes me as more likely than some of the other options. In a CBA summer, #4 is even less likely than normal and offer sheets are rare though Stewart's situation could tempt a few teams who play more wide open styles or have trouble attracting free agents. #1 would be fantastic but won't be easy to believe in until it's already happened. Plus, the guys we're targeting play for teams whose fans generally hate the idea of Stewart being the centerpiece in such a trade. #2 idea, in part because we're on a board biased toward higher quality prospects, fans tend to hate the idea of trading the guy they've been excitedly following for a suspect player who had a terrible year.
Thanks for the clarification. I think that's a perfectly reasonable stance. My own "gap" line falls between #2 and #3 on your list (with another gap before #6), with #5 moving up the charts a bit and everything else staying relative.

I'd like to give him a chance to rehabilitate his value if #1 or #2 doesn't come to pass, and a hot start (whether sustainable or not) could get someone to bite on that type of deal if no one will now. Not everyone is going to be able to fill out their scoring like they would hope this offseason, so he should remain movable regardless of what happens. If 20 or so games into next season it's looking like more of the same, then his value isn't really that far off from where he is now and I would start entertaining #3 type offers for the next draft, with #4 and #6 entering the equation next offseason if we still have him after the trade deadline.

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