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06-06-2012, 06:04 PM
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Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
Well in JVR case, its honestly "what have you done". Like honestly, can you tell me with a straight face you are sincerely happy with how JVR has been so far? Like truthfully?

There are many views that people take among players. It seems that we are different. If a player doesnt play well, I critize him for it and expect better. You seem to say its ok since their young. Bryzgalov didnt have a good season. I expect better. Seems that you say he gets a pass since he had good seasons before. Never said anything about trading Schenn, Coburn or even Bryz for that matter.

Shafer said JVR is a playoff stud (or along those lines). What defines a stud in the playoffs? Where does the line between Giroux's playoff stud and JVR's playoff stud begin and end? Fine, you want to take out his rookie season thats fine (we dont take out Giroux's rookie season when talking about playoff stud but thats ok). So that means in 18 games he had what, 6 good games? How does that define a playoff stud?
I think exactly how you should think at this point in regards too JVR.

This was his breakout year and he got smashed with injuries. There's nothing he could do about it. What exactly did you expect him to do with the list of problems he had this year. Why do you keep putting words in peoples mouths? it's getting really annoying. Where did I say that Bryz got a free pass?

Bryz was exceptional when we needed him to be. After the break and down the stretch. He showed he was the keeper that the flyers thought they signed. You are damn right i'm going to write off the first 3-4 months. I mean who has heard of a player struggling on a new team for the first half of the season eh? Thats just ****ing crazy talk.

I like how you gave Richards a "free pass" last year when he stunk the joint up. How about Briere this season, He got a free pass too right, because he was a -13 in the play-offs? How about that Pronger guy, man he sucks, he didn't play the whole year.

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