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06-06-2012, 05:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Confound View Post
Bertand wouldn't be that bad of a choice. I was shocked when I first saw him on TV, his voice doesn't match up with how big he is. Maybe it's just me who was a little bit surprised he was a whale, other than that I actually like him.

We could always hope Beersy could make a run at the job, he would be my first option.
No, it wasn't just you...I think everyone was shocked at what Bertrand actually looked like. I had a completely different view of him in my head, and when I first saw him, and actually heard him speak, I legit thought it was a joke that they were playing on the viewers, like overdubbing Bertrand's voice when this big guy moves his mouth. But that being said, I do like him a lot, and I think he is pretty levelheaded. He has done a nice job when he has filled in as host in the past.

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