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11-26-2003, 10:30 AM
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Originally Posted by L.I.RangerFan
Jagrs' buyout after this season is 33 mil. (75% of the remaining 44 mil.)

So if Leonis is so interested in buying him out, why all the trade talk, wait until the end of the year and buy him out. It will only cost him 13 mil more.

Remember in order for the Rangers to take on this ridiculous contract that Washingtons owner signed, it has to work for them also. It can't be a one way street.
Check your figures. the current nhl buyout is two-thirds not three quarters.
Group III NHL Free Agent
A player aged 31 or older, with at least four years of NHL experience, becomes an Unrestricted Free Agent when his contract expires. The player's current team has no right to compensation and no right to match a competing contract offer.

A player released from his contract by a buyout (in which the team pays 2/3 of the remaining value of the contract) is also an Unrestricted Free Agent. The buyout option is a standard clause of all NHL contracts.

who said it was going to be a one way street? Leonsis wants to trade the guy and move the contact, but he also knows what his options are.
He will not agree to a deal that will cost him more than a straight buy out. particularly if it involves another albatross contract on a questionable player, like Kasparatis. If the deal was Jagr for Carter and the Caps picked up $5m for every year of Jagr's contract to be paid(meaning that they would not give the Rangers money for contract not paid because of work stoppage), that deal could be done.

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