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06-06-2012, 05:55 PM
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Originally Posted by gg4167 View Post
No, it wasn't just you...I think everyone was shocked at what Bertrand actually looked like. I had a completely different view of him in my head, and when I first saw him, and actually heard him speak, I legit thought it was a joke that they were playing on the viewers, like overdubbing Bertrand's voice when this big guy moves his mouth. But that being said, I do like him a lot, and I think he is pretty levelheaded. He has done a nice job when he has filled in as host in the past.
I couldn't disagree more. I enjoy him as the third-man-in so to speak behind Felger and Mazz but when he gets a platform to actually lead discussion he ends up doing his best Felger impression. The guy is so far up Mike's ass and is trying so hard to emulate him that the weekend shows he hosts are down right intolerable.

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