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06-06-2012, 06:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Ignore42me View Post
While i often disagree with Kimzey, you clearly didnt read what he said. Id add Stewart has all the physical attributes to be a solid two-way player and his conditioning was a big reason he was always behind in the play. Along with not being acclimated to any game other then run-and-gun. The thing from past seasons is that we've seen he know how to get to ther front of the net and what to do. What makes you so sure that he cant succeed next season.
I see a whole lot of Stewart apologists throwing his conditioning out as a major reason why he had a crap year. Funny thing is, people really didn't start using that until Stewart stated this offseason would be his most important to date. A whole bunch of people bought it and then latched tight to that as the reason he sucked(the same people who would hold onto any little thing at all in the hope that he'll rebound). Sorry, but his lack of desire to be better is the primary reason. You can certainly cite his lack of hockey sense or reads as a secondary reason, but the guy looked like he didn't even care for the vast majority of the season. We're supposed to believe he's going to accomplish a complete 180 degree turn around? What evidence did you see that would indicate such a reversal?

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