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06-06-2012, 07:12 PM
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Originally Posted by PACKY D ELEPHANT View Post
I haven't read anything about people being unhappy about drafting RNH, Hall or Yakupov, in fact I think your confusing our unhappniess with our disdain of Steve's GM performance.

Agreed the draft was needed, the FA's and big trade were not working out for this team. Lets be honest here, any GM could of draft RNH and Hall this wasn't some miraculous move on Steves part.

Are you trying to imply that the Edmonton brass directed Steve to be a terrible GM? Unless you have some insider knowledge I fail to see how you would know what was asked of him. I think its more likely that he was a terrible GM and good players fell into his lap.

As for the Lord of the Rings reference, that movie could of ended in 5 minutes. Get on griffin fly to mountain and drop the ring in bang, or you could do it the Steve Tamby way of dragging something out ever so slowly and just hope it works out.

But hey to each his own.
So people aren't unhappy about getting Hall, RNH, and Yakupov, they're just unhappy about HOW they got them? Were there other options to get these guys?

I'll continue with my LOTR comparisons.

You agree that destroying the ring (drafting 1st) is a good thing, you just don't like the route you have to take in order to get to the fires.

You're right, any GM could have drafted Hall, RNH and Yakupov. And any GM who did that would also look just as bad as Tamby doing it.

As for your question as to whether or not I am implying that the Oilers brass directed Tamby to be a terrible GM, yes, yes they did. My insider information was when they came out and said that they were rebuilding. How can you show yourself to be a "good" GM and finish 30th? By being a terrible GM, I mean not making moves that would make the team better immediately. If Tamby wanted better players, he could have traded for them. But what would the price have been?

I'm not arguing that he hasn't shown that he's capable of taking this team to the land of glory. But its unfair to knock Gollum's navigational skills when he took you to where you told him it was necessary to go. It's not his fault it smells worse than you had expected.

The HF Model
1. Decide to rebuild

2. Convince impact players that, contrary to player polls, Edmonton is not the 2nd last team you'd like to play for. And it's not always this cold.

3. Manage to ice a team of free agents/trade acquisitions that is solid in goal, capable on defense, and with skilled and gritty forwards who are competitive every night.

4. ????????

5. Draft 1st overall.

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