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Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
Statistical analysis should never replace actually observations by people who know the sport (and yes, guys who played, if not professionally, at least at a high level are typically the best at this), but it's a very nice compliment to compare things objectively without any emotional bias. The two should be used together.

So far the general trend is Bergevin hiring former players who have a similar profile to him - guys who made the NHL through hard work and grit. That doesn't mean they all think the same way but it is interesting.

Also, I'm wondering, and we probably don't know of every high level executive in the organization, if Bergevin is going to hire a capologist, since that was the biggest knock against him - not being a numbers guy. Having guys on board who know the numbers and contracts is vital. Look at Yzerman hiring a numbers guy like Brisebois to work with.
The capologist is a new specialist term created by geeks. It's just another dimension of the hockey operations but no more relevant than any other essential business practice. Would we say that Bergevin needs to be a Chartered Accountant or an expert in regulatory compliance too? No, he directs others who have those skills in support of the people who make talent decisions. The product is hockey.

As for Brisebois, if being able to manage a basic payroll and a cap is his largest asset, he's quite picking TB's pocket with that executive level salary.

I'll take good hockey evaluators the rest can be put in the back office or off-shored to India for all I care.

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