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11-26-2003, 10:44 AM
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Originally Posted by wazee
To answer the original question...No, I am not at all surprised that Pierre Lacroix has not made a trade to compensate for the injuries thus far. For starters, the Avs picked up points in something like 9 games in a row before losing the last two. So there was absolutely NO reason to make a trade up until Nikolishin was injured...and he is only expected to be out for 3 weeks. That is about 8 more games.

Do you think Pierre Lacroix should force a trade...even if that means overpaying...because of injuries to the 3rd line center at this point of the season?
no, he shouldn't FORCE a trade, but quality players have been available for cheap.

you wouldn't trade a late round pick for guys like malhorta or wiemer?

ronning could be had for less than a million, that's a bargain.

when zetteberg went down thomas was brought in and has played great for the wings, he came cheap as well. and that was due to 1 injury, the avs have like 6 guys out right now.

"injuries to a the 3rd line center"

well no ones know when peter will be back, it could weeks or months, so in effect niko was the avs 2nd line center, now the 2nd line center is either moore or krestanovich i think, so yeah i'd say a move would be helpful.

a trade for minor injuries would be a knee-jerk reaction but key players such as forsberg, kariya and niko gone for a long time really will hurt the avs the next few games if lacroix doesnt bring in a minor uprgade for the 2nd/3rd line center position.

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