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Originally Posted by PocketNines View Post
I didn't read what kimzey said? You toss out "not being acclimated to any game other than the run-and-gun" as if it's trivial to simply become a totally different type of player. Do you or others honestly believe it's a function of simply being a little more fit? Are we really establishing this huge fiction that Stewart's problems were a result of him being out of shape? I get that people want there to be a reason for things but it's getting silly. Players don't often suddenly change their skillsets overnight or because of a solid training summer. It's a fairly ridiculous notion and it's kind of stunning to see so many people thinking this is a real thing. He's going to work out harder therefore he'll be a 2-way player. Sure, he can be a little more physically potent but that won't change him being a poor puck handler in any kind of traffic, that won't change him not knowing how to use his teammates, that won't change his anticipation of the play and knowing what lane to be in to interrupt a pass.

What kimzey said was that by being more physically conditioned he'll wind up scoring more goals from the front of the net the way he used to score. But there wasn't much pushback to my argument about how he still has a large number of goals cut down by not being allowed to cheat defensively in this system the way he would be allowed in Colorado. Because kimzey is smart enough to know it's a good point. I just don't think he's going to become a 30-30 guy from better abliity to battle in front of the net because of better conditioning. And if he isn't a 58 point guy (.7 PPG over 82 games) then he's not giving you enough reason to play him over two wingers who should be .7PPG+ (McDonald and Perron) or the two wingers who'll be just shy but have vastly better two-way games (Oshie and Steen) even if all the things kimzey suggests come to pass. Plus there's Tarasenko. Therefore if he can't crack the top four wingers on the team, my argument is are you really losing much by mining value from him as an asset before it's too late? I get why many want to believe nothing but the best, but let's just admit that there's a very realistic possibility the system is an ill fit. And if he's off to another struggling start then suddenly the bottom falls out of his value. I want what's best for the Blues as an organization and I'd hate to see that happen. I see very few folks acknowledging that it's a very legitimate possibility it goes down that way and recognizing there are more angles to consider here.
Couldn't have said it better myself.

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