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Originally Posted by Oilbleeder View Post
I think Memphis would want to ideally want to shed salary more than anything.

I would think Davis + 8th + a guy with a bit of salary(Bayless?) for Gay would be somewhat fair. They get rid of a ton of salary, add some quality depth at PG and PF, and add an 8th for a guy to replace Gay.

We get a guy that will make a big impact for us right away.

Considering the LAL/Houston potential trade. I believe what you proposed with us taking on salary makes sense. Kevin Martin would probably come back our way with Lowry. I'm not sure what we'd give. If we trade the 8th, we don't have a whole lot to give. Not alot of prospects/picks to give.

Question, to get Lowry, would you give next years 1st round pick?
IF we got Gay and Lowry, hell yes. That hypothetical Raptors team would be far closer to the playoffs, maybe even getting in at 6 or 7 given how top-heavy the East is.

also Bayless probably isn't a good target to trade because he's RFA and due for a raise. I also like him off the bench. This is where I think trading Calderon makes sense. If they could ship Calderon to the lakers, and help work out a Houston/LA trade with Gasol by taking back Martin and getting Lowry as payment for that, plus swapping picks with the Rockets.

I wish the ESPN Trade machine wasn't completely borked right now, because I had worked out a ridiculous 4-team trade that brought hte Magic and Dwight Howard into the picture, and I think it would've worked from a salary standpoint, I just can't prove it because the trade machine won't finish the deal and check it.


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