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06-06-2012, 11:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
If that were true, no one would ever get a second chance in life.

I'm not a fan of Therrien and he wasn't my first choice, far from there. But even the narrowest mind has to admit that he was a rookie coach when he was in Montreal. In 10 years, people learn, people change.

Read the comments from Doug Gilmour in Dave Stubbs' article. He didn't seem to mind Therrien. Same goes for Maxim Talbot. Sidney Crosby was one of the first ones to call Therrien when he was announced as the new head coach. Does that sound like incompetence? I somehow doubt it.

The bottom line is that you're jumping the gun here. Bergevin (and his team) conducted the interviews and he obviously saw something in Therrien that none of us can guess. I'm thinking (or hoping) that he's no dummy so what true Habs' fans should do is relax, take a deep breath, and wait to see what happens this season before playing drama queens and having panic attacks.

Of course, I'm anticipating that a few here will be pretty ticked with Therrien and the current management with some of the comments mentioned recently.
  • Therrien said that everyone in the organization agrees that the team needs to get bigger and tougher.
  • While the production may differ from the 1st line to the 4th, the expectation will be that the effort should be the same.
  • The third periods losses and all of the injuries were likely linked to conditionning. Expect a team in better shape.
  • From Molson to Savard, Bergevin through Therrien, everyone said that they want more local talent on the team.

Just like they said that the next GM and head coach would be bilingual, I'm fully expecting that they will follow through with those topics as well, whether it pleases some or not.

So with all of the arguments on those topics in recent months/years, I'm expecting some fans to have a tough, tough year.... just like some of us had to suffer through the Jacques Martin era.
Opinions on Therrien being a poor coach are more based on his handling of the Penguins than his stint with as a rookie. One of the biggest steps forward that team took was when they fired him and replaced him with Bylsyma.

Looking at his record the only times it seems he's done well for either team is when his goalie was ridding a hot streak.

If he's the guy management thought was best then I guess we can withhold judgement until he actually does stuff but I see very little to be encouraged by this decision. In comparison to Martin my read is that he's a guy that has just as much reputation for not being good for the dressing room without any of the tactical or strategic acumen.

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