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06-07-2012, 12:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Sydor25 View Post
Honestly, would anyone really be surprised if the kings lost four straight?

I still think kings in six. NJ will end the streak on Saturday.

Going 1-3 in game fours with a chance to sweep at home shows immaturity.
Yes, considering NHL teams in an 0-3 hole are 1.8% lifetime, which is another way of saying the team that is up 3-0 wins 98.2% of the time (I crunched the numbers in misery after the Kings won on Monday).

That said, and I know this sounds cheesy, if there was a team that could pull off a miracle, this Devils team never quits. Look at all the injuries they're playing with, and the bad breaks they've gotten, and they dont seem to feel sorry for themselves. I genuinely believe they will make the series 3-2. But beating LA again in LA will be a HUGE BURDEN to ask of them. However, if they could do that and somehow, someway get it to a Game 7 against a relatively young Kings team with a goalie that has never won an elimination game in his life....against Martin Brodeur? Woah, baby. But of course..... I'm pretty much dreaming here **sigh**

Originally Posted by gerhart View Post
A friend and I have tickets to Game 5 in Newark. We are driving down from Ottawa, Ontario. My friend is a Leafs fan - but more so a diehard hockey fan. Although I am overly disappointed in the loss tonight, I am excited to have the opportunity to see the Kings close out the series in New Jersey! We're heading down Saturday morning. The seven hour drive will be worth it!!
It will be 8 hours or more for sure. Although, Saturday morning is about the best possible time to make that drive, but you cant go by GOOG maps given they're not counting the border, and breaks, etc....

Originally Posted by Scottkmlps View Post
Just want to add another thing. If that was a King that bumped into Brodeur like Elias did to Quick, that would've been a penalty. Quick has been getting no calls what so ever when it comes to players interfering with him. It's becoming quite comical now.
Watch the replay. I know Eddy O said "Elias bumped Quick", but please keep in mind he's shamelessly, ridiculously, and unprofessionally rooting for the Kings on live television. If anything, Quick gives Elias a little rap, but either way it was no big deal, and not worthy of a penalty on either player.

Originally Posted by Grillinnap View Post
Also, did Clarkson shave his beard to change their luck?
Some of them are going with mustaches like Ryan Carter and calling it "Mustache Power". At least they're having fun and not laying down and dieing like a lot of teams do when down 0-3. Lets a fan feel good/proud about his/her team despite the miserable situation they're in.

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