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06-07-2012, 01:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Falcons93 View Post
Somewhere between moderate and high value. Something along the lines of:

Schenn + Colborne + 2012 second round pick

In the grand scheme of things, a top-15 goalie is more valuable than any of those pieces. Schenn will be a #2-#3 defenseman if everything works out for him. Right now, he's been playing like a #3-#5 and even a #6 for stretches of the past few seasons (though he was good in 2010-11 for stretches as well). Colborne likely doesn't have a spot on our team anytime soon. He's not better than Grabovski, Bozak, or Connolly (who will likely be gone anyways after this season). The 2nd round pick, which will be 34th, likely won't have an impact in the NHL anytime soon. This pick could very well turn into a decent player, but, again, in how many years? 3, 4, or 5? I would part with all three of these pieces for Luongo. His contract is bad in the sense that it lasts until 2022, but it's good in the sense that his cap hit is only 5.3 million plus there's a good chance he retires when he's older which clears his cap off the books in the late 2010's. His contract won't be a problem until around 2017-2018 when it's likely his performance will start to decline. There are definitely ways around paying him/keeping him on our team at that point. I would rather not trade Kadri as I think he has the potential to be a 65-70 point player in his prime seasons. Luongo is definitely not worth Gardiner or the 5th.

EDIT: Also, I don't know if people realize this, but the two goalies we rode with last year were ****ing terrible. Reimer was trash after coming back from his injury and Gustavsson was so inconsistent. He'd make an amazing save one minute, then let in a shot a Pee Wee goaltender would have stopped three minutes later. We need a goalie like Luongo.

EDIT #2: To be honest, I would even trade our 2013 first round pick for Luongo if there's a guarantee that the 2012-2013 season won't be a lockout. 2013 first round pick + Schenn for Luongo.
Ridiculous. People are letting their desperation for a #1 goalie cloud their judgment.

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