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06-07-2012, 03:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Falcons93 View Post
I'm not sure how high you two are on Schenn, but he's a borderline top-4 defenseman in the NHL in my opinion. I don't see the offensive upside that some people see. His skating, decision making, and shooting are huge problems, and it goes without saying that those are all important attributes for an NHL player to have. It's obvious he's been working on his shot, and maybe if he loses a little bit of weight he can gain back some speed that he had in his rookie season, but he's not that valuable to our team in my opinion. Gunnarsson, Gardiner, & Phaneuf are clearly better. Liles is older and plays a different game, so it's hard to compare him to Schenn, but I'd say he's more valuable at this point as well. Again, I don't see the potential in Schenn that others see. Is he really a better option than Franson/Holzer? If we acquired Luongo, I think we have a good chance of making the playoffs, so I don't think Schenn + 18th overall (for example) is that bad of a deal. Luongo won't be traded to us for a package like Franson + 2013 second round pick, and I don't think a goalie like Lindback or Harding is the answer. We need a legit number one goalie to make any noise whatsoever, and trading Schenn and a mid-first round pick isn't that big of a deal. A mid-first round pick typically takes years to pan out, so we'd probably be looking at someone who is ready for 2015? 2016? Again, I believe Luongo would push us into the playoff picture. If you still believe we'd finish in the bottom ten, then I can understand not wanting to trade Schenn + the 2013 first.

EDIT: I also don't think Vancouver is backed into a corner with Luongo, and I don't think his contract is that bad. Gillis doesn't have a gun to his head that says he has to trade Luongo to Toronto. There's going to be interest from a few other teams, and he always has the option of trading Schneider or trying to ride out the tandem for another season. There are also ways around keeping him for a 5.3 cap hit when he's 41 years old.
Oh it's clear how low you value Schenn. Luckily for the Leafs, they have someone in charge who can actually judge talent and has patience for the development of our players.

Of course it's a bad contract. Gillis is hamstrung by the list of teams Luongo is willing to waive his NTC for. Then, you have to ask how many of these teams are looking for a #1 goalie? You're not gonna find many bidders for a 10-year contract that pays someone $5.3M from age 34-43, especially if the asking price is what you're suggesting. If you were Gillis and you went to Burke with that ridiculous proposal, that phone call wouldn't last 10 seconds. That is Milbury-esque. Unbelievable.

We're not going to get Luongo for peanuts. But we're sure as hell not giving up significant pieces of our future to get him either.

I would suggest you look at the results of this poll to re-align yourself with the realistic portion of this fanbase. What you just suggested is a reckless management of assets.

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