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06-07-2012, 06:24 AM
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Nobody knows what will be in the CBA

Under the current CBA, Thomas cannot be removed from Boston's cap under any circumstance because he is an "over-35" contract. The best they can hope for is a new agreement with a different rule. Let's say the league is successful in putting a limit on the length of contracts. (For example, in the NBA's new CBA, there are no contracts longer than five years.) Would an over-35 rule be necessary? Even then, would current deals be affected?

Will the Drury buyout count next season? Buyouts in the previous CBA didn't count in this CBA.

Biggest thing people overlook w/Thomas $5 M cap hit: CBA will be new & Jeremy Jacobs is influential NHL owner. May not count vs cap next yr

Wipe the slate clean of all buyouts from this CBA into the next CBA. The team is still responsible for paying the money but they don't take a cap hit. Drury will still get paid the entire $1,666,667 during a lockout. If Jacobs is going to look out for his Bruins,everyone should get the same benefit. The Islanders use buyouts to reach the floor. Make them put the floor money into the team on the ice. Not to Yashin playing somewhere in Europe. Some people say there shouldn't be a floor. The floor guarantees a certain amount is spent on payroll.

The PA will fight hard against contract term limits. They will met somewhere in the middle.

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