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Originally Posted by Blueshirt Believer View Post
1)Since you chose to ignore what I commented on in my response. I will reiterate, not all teams over rely on the stretch pass. I said the quality teams allow the D men to skate the puck pass the hash marks and allow shorter passes to their forwards. I can't think of a single team in the NHL that over uses the stretch pass as much as the New York Rangers. All teams use it once in a while to keep teams honest. But I can't think of any that create an entire breakout system like the New York Rangers. I honestly have no idea what league you are watching where there is this massive overuse. Have you seen LA's breakouts? You pick and chose the time to try stretch passes(bad line changes, poor defensive coverage). You don't force them. How many times do we have to utilize stretch pass tip ins??

2)Defensive zone coverage and breakouts, though related, are not mutually inclusive. Just because we have a collapsing zone D does not mean we have to rely on stretch passes. Or are you commenting on something all together different? What we do with the puck once we have it is not synonymous to how we get it. Far too often I saw our Dmen try long passes out of our zone when they were completely un pressured in the corners. No poise, and wings not supporting the puck along the wall.

3)Do we watch the same team? The Rangers struggle with 4ft passes. I saw constantly this season the Rangers stumbling over themselves when trying to receive the puck uncovered. Collectively, our team handles the puck poorly, and doesn't pass all that well(which is further complicated with a poor breakout strategy). That has little to do with opposing team Dmen, and has most to do with the quality of forwards.

Btw, I find it amusing that you seem to forget that during the dead puck era. The stretch pass was used constantly by speedier teams to beat the Neutral Zone trap. For example, Colorado did it during their cup run in 2001, and Tampa in 2004. There really isn't any more proliferation.
Truth the be told, I think both of you are wrong. We use a stretch pass were we only, without exception almost, looks to take the puck forward instantly after the pass connects.

Both Philly and NJD, for example, basically never takes the puck N-S after a long stretch pass. They use the stretch pass to i) push the other team back, ii) after the pass it made, they move it E-W to a player coming up ice with speed iii) who can then challenge a defense that is standing still with speed. Its actually not correct to say that our stretch pass is even used by all teams in this league (except like to get a linechange on the odd occasion).

When both NJD and Philly wants to gain the redline -- they use a short option that gains the redline and dumps the puck in. The set play where you make a long pass up ice, just redirects the puck into the attacking zone and then goes after it is just not in these teams repetoair.

Boston, Carolina, Buffalo and co uses it though. Its a matter of philosopy. Boston is alot more verstaile then we are though, and their centers gets a much more creative role and are very good at taking a active part in getting the puck up ice while keeping possession of it.

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