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06-07-2012, 08:38 AM
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Originally Posted by steven9d3 View Post
Ok just going on what my rep told me What price rage are you now in?
We are now Section 212 Row 4 aisle seats which are $79 and our lower bowl seats in section 110 row 15 would have been $114 so we are saving $35 per game per seat.

We moved because 1) it was getting real expensive and wouldnt be realistic in a few seasons to keep the tickets. 2) didnt like the site lines behind the goal as you lose the corners and the net is a little annoying. 3) the people are different each game and we wanted to move up to be with the "real fans" again. 4) We wanted to move more to the middle of the ice.

Hopefully we'll see some HF Board fans up there

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