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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
I'm not necessarily worried about height/weight/stats since your claim is that Gally is "equally skilled", "more motivated", and has "better work ethic". I'm willing to accept any good answers you may have as to why you think this to be the case. And while I'm encouraged by his combine performance as well, understand that the only thing he "ranked among the best" in was anaerobic peak power output, and I believe that was measured on the bike, which is a non-impact exercise on the knee. Where did he rank in the jumping and vertex leg power stations? Just sayin'.
Why is it non-impact? I don't get it. The exercice measures the amount of strength (power) someone can exercice on the fly wheel of a bike in a short period time. That doesn't sound like non-impact to me, unless they use their arms to do the pushing

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