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11-26-2003, 11:31 AM
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Until the Avs know how long Forsberg and Kariya are going to be gone, they cannot make a good decision on who to trade for or sign, for that matter. If Kariya is going to be gone for months, a Ronning type might not be a bad idea. But if Kariya comes back in a month, Ronning is of little use. OTOH, if the Avs get a 3rd line type of player, you have to figure he will be on the roster for the remainder of the year. That he has to be paid and it means one more of the young guys who are holding the fort now will be sent down...which doesn't exactly build their confidence. Besides, Nikolishin is only supposed to be out 3 weeks.

I have no doubt that if the right deal comes along, Lacroix will make it. He doesn't have the reputation of being trade-shy. Neither does he churn his roster over and over without compelling reasons. The other GMs in the league are not in the business helping each other. When a team has injury problems, they are automatically at a disadvantage in any deal so Lacroix would have to overpay in any deal he made right now. I'm not saying Lacroix will not make a deal...I am just saying that there are valid reasons he has not so far.

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