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06-07-2012, 11:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Leafsdude7 View Post
I really love your failure to understand the higher accuracy allowed by a data-set of many over a data-set of one. It's funny. The fact is, not everyone "eats until they're full", and the science shows that the majority doesn't. Some people eat after they're full, and some eat simply what they've (had) made for themselves regardless of how hungry or full they are afterwards.

I also love your attempt at trying to say that, if you ever eat an appetizer or dessert, it suddenly means you always eat until you're full. I've had appetizers before, but I can't even name you the last time I did. I have dessert sometimes, too (much more often than an appetizer), but most people's dessert sizes are miniscule compared to their main course.

Clearly, the problem isn't that science is ********, it's that most people have no idea what science is in the first place.
When I was younger I would clean up everything on my plate, and have appetizers and deserts, hell even a cheese plate. Now when we go out for dinner more often than not we get doggy bags. And that is often just for one main each with no starter or dessert. I walk or swim for 45 minutes every day, eat much more fruit and vegetables than I used to and I rarely eat any dessert at all yet I still carry about 10 more pounds than I should (cholesterol is OK though). I was as fit as a fiddle and slim and trim and could eat and drink like a bacchanal until I got into my 50's. Now it is a struggle to keep my weight under control.

But if you are overweight of course it is because you eat all day, non-stop.

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