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Originally Posted by bsl View Post
MT wasted no time. Kind of impressive. Stalin like. Shows he has confidence anyway, and perhaps even a plan.

I think the guy might have management ability. To control his emotions as he did under immense pressure and yes, hate, was remarkable.

Maybe management is better for him, not coaching.

A very admirable guy. Just a **** situation, he could have said **** you, and he did not. He kept the team together at least.

You know. It takes many small things to make a champion team, and RC showed the players, CP, Max, PK and others, that you must keep going, no matter how bad. Have some pride.

There was in particular one interview, where he was asked if the team did not care about winning, or was tanking, and he said in effect:

"This is the Montreal Canadiens, and we always play to win."

I'll never forget that. And I'll always appreciate what the guy did.

I really don't know why people get so tangled up with RC. The guy did a horrible job.

He gets extra sympathy because of the language issue, but it's gotten to the point where some flat out dismiss the fact he was garbage.

Enough with the ''crap'' situation. The man had a chance to coach the most storied franchise in the NHL, it was a huge opportunity for him, and he blew it. Plain and simple.
I don't buy the fact Gauthier controlled everything. RC had his foot in the decision making on the team in terms of system and structure, or lack there of, as well as bench management during games. He was horrible at that.
If one chooses to believe Gauthier was running that part, then RC should have told Gauthier to let him coach or fire him. Why would he agree to sit behind the bench and let the team drag down the standings, only to get blamed for it?? Unless he got a couple millions as a bonus under the table, it makes no sense.

As for his ''This is the Habs, we play to win'' BS comment. It sounds like when fighters talk on the mic and scream the name of the city in which they're in only get some cheers.
If we played to win the games, then why keep the DD line intact when, despite it producing, we keep losing? Why was the same damn plays ran when they weren't effective? Why was skilled players like AK or Eller demoted only to promote guys like Blunden? Why was our best line to start the year of AK-Eller-Moen split up? Why was it always the same unit starting our PPs? Why do you bench a player after you give him a task he was bound to fail? Why do you bench a player for the whole 3rd period + OT only to put him as the last shooter in the Shootouts?
Are you really playing to win when you so many incomprehensible decisions??

RC was a horrible coach, enough with the sympathy.

People crap on Gainey, Gauthier, Martin, Carbo, Therrien, but RC gets some sympathy because of the language issue. I hate all those french morons that made it into something, but RC deserves every bit of criticism for his coaching.

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