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06-07-2012, 01:00 PM
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Man, I wish some of you guys were on my Sunday Ice team.

If even two of my linemates would listen to one thing you guys say, the events that took place Sunday would never happen

We were down 3-1 in the 2nd period. My "defense" partner, who is probably one of the worst skaters on the team, decides to skate up with it. Well, everybody else decides to go with him. So as he goes over the blueline(somehow) I notice the other team has basically trapped him into coughing up the puck and have transitioned into a 4 on 1 against me. I jokingly yell " 4 on 1, bring it on!!!". My Partner then screams "go get'em Mike".

Well, they formed a diamond, coming into the offensive zone, and their lead guy, who had two of their goals, is right in front of me and I closed the gap really quickly(quicker than he thought apparently) and pokechecked the puck off his stick, went around him to retrieve the puck, stickhandled between the two middle guys and looked to pass it to the RW boards. Of course, everyone was still in shock and awe that they were not ready for the pass and it deflected into the bench.

I get to the bench and the people behind were ripping into the linemates and praising me for what I did. at 2nd intermission, the one ref came to talked to me and gave me some good advice, "get off this team, for your sake".

Game Ends 4-2. Tell you what, I earned a ton of respect from the other players on the other team, and from the other teams watching, waiting for their game to start. Now instead of Playing 3 Roller games and two ice games a week, I'm now on 4 roller games and 5 ice games a week. (Mon(Captain), Tues(Captain), Thurs(Assist Cap), and now Friday for Roller; Sun, Tues, and now Wed, Thu, Fri for Ice.)

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