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Originally Posted by Blueshirt Believer View Post
Overreacting?! Did you read your previous post or the nonsense you keep posting about this kid. "He makes the worst defensive reads." blah blah blah. "you guys fall in love too much with homegrown players." rabble rabble rabble.

Meanwhile Dan Girardi, who isn't above making about three or 4 bad defensive plays a game, is completely absolved. Despite being more experienced.

The reality is Del Zotto is our only proven PMD on this team. Nobody on this team moves the puck as well as him yet. Maybe Erixon might turn into that guy, but then again he may not. He has certainly been more protected than Del Zotto was in his rookie season.
Who said Girardi is absolved? Again, you just MAKE things up! Hysterical.

Girardi made a boneheaded play on the season-ending goal. I called him out for it.

But the difference is clear. Girardi plays 30 minutes a night against the best offensive players on the other team. His mistakes in the Devils series were likely because he was exhausted, burned out, and banged up. And most of the time, Girardi is as sound as defensemen get in their own zone.

Del Zotto, on the other hand, made unforced mistakes under minimal pressure. He often fumbled the puck with NOBODY on him. And DZ plays a lot against the other teams 3rd and 4th lines, doesn't kill penalties, and gets a good amount of his minutes on the powerplay where defensemen rarely have to defend at all.

DZ making unforced errors against Steve Bernier and Ryan Carter is quite different than Girardi making a mistake during a scramble with Kovalchuk and Henrique in front of the net.

McDonagh "moves the puck" just as well as Del Zotto. Does he have the offensive instincts DZ does? Maybe, maybe not. But he hasn't been asked to be that offensive defensemen that DZ has, so it's not the best comparison. I see untapped offensive potential in both McD and Staal. Girardi is very good at getting pucks through from the point/boards.

DZ is not our only PMD.

Even Stralman was more noticeable in a good way than DZ for games at a time this post-season. I have no idea why the Rangers wouldnt want to bring him back on the cheap. (if that is accurate)

For the hundredth time, we're not advocating trading DZ because we need him gone. We want to use his value to bring back the young dynamic winger that we desperately need. If no such winger is available via trade, then by all means, we should keep DZ.

But to hang on to him and play him as our 3rd left defenseman, and refuse to fill this teams most glaring need is poor asset management.

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