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11-26-2003, 10:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Mizral
I don't have a link, but I can vouch for it. Lowe has said 'top 4 defenseman, top 6 forward' before in the media as his return for Comrie.

And actually we do have a clue what other teams are offering. Waddel said in the papers, no go on Coburn moving under any circumstances for a Comrie. We've heard Murray comment before to this end too, I believe.
Hmmm... So if you vouch for it, then it must have happened? Let's see a link. In this day of information technology this *must* be possible.

Otherwise we risk simply reading the same rumoured utterance (I hear Lowe is asking for....) so many times that it becomes truth. Heck I can even picture him saying it myself... except that I never saw it. Memory is faliable. Let's not get away from ourselves here.

Also... your logic is faulty. All we know is what a GM has said he *won't* offer, not what he *would* offer. For example if Anaheim as said they won't offer Lupul, it doesn't mean that they won't offer Perry AND Chistov or Chistov and a 1st, or... or... . Logic says that they wouldn't, but in truth, we don't *know*.

Only Murray and his scouts know exactly where Lupul falls in their long term plans. Therefore they are also the only people who know what else they *might* offer to get Comrie.

Speculate all you want Mizral. Back it up with reasoning too... that's all cool. But don't "vouch" for something you don't have a link for. And don't tell me we have a clue what other teams will offer simply because we've heard one or two GM's name a single guy as untouchable.

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