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04-02-2006, 12:22 AM
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I have to say, like everyone else just shoot and shoot and shoot. Shoot with the ball in different positions, stickhandle a bit and shoot, try to pick spots, just do anything that will leave you with a comfortable, confident shot. The key is the wrists, if you don't use your wrists right you'll lose both power, accuracy and a quick release. I've tried to teach people how to do it and it's tough, I really feel the best way is through practice. Once you start doing it right you'll be able to tell.

As for this right handed/left handed thing I really just think it's a feel not something that should be chosen because of your brain (the artistic side is the right side I believe and either way you're suggesting that everyone should have the same side shot with that logic). I'm weird, I write, play tennis, and play ping pong left handed but I throw, shoot basketball, play hockey, and golf right handed. (I used to bat left handed but I think hockey and golf's influence on my weight transfer got me to switch to right) My parents when I was young bought me a left handed stick because that's how I wrote. Silly young me didn't know any better so I held it like a right handed stick, it just felt natural. I also had the most wicked backhand you'd ever see until I switched to a right handed stick. I do agree that your dominant hand should be your top hand just because you take your bottom hand off the stick a lot and you should have control of it.

I say just buy your kid a stick with a flat blade and let him/her figure it out for themselves without much direction for a little while.

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