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06-07-2012, 01:30 PM
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Originally Posted by BigDuke6 View Post
The hell with that. I've seen guys go out right before a face off to replace a guy that's been out for too long and had no intention of coming off. They don't ask him, they just skate out and tell him his shift has been too long and it is over now.

I've played in some scrimmages with my learn to play class, and the guy that is the best skater (of the beginners) always stays out too long. After being on the ice for 4-5 minutes he isn't the best skater anymore. He's just tired, slow, and out of position.
And the guys not on the ice are sitting on the bench so long that they get cold. It's really the worst thing that can happen on a team, when I started in my beginners league we had a few games like that. I was on a line with the team captain so he always made sure to pull us off to set an example, but then both the next two lines would both go out for 2:30-3:00 minute shifts. It's pretty brutal when you only get two shifts in a period. And on this team it was really only one line that did it, but it starts a downward spiral where the next guys figure they haven't been out for so long and/or it will be another long wait between shifts that to get their money's worth they gotta take an extra long shift too. Your team starts playing real brutal hockey at that point.

For the poster talking about the guy taking 5 minute shifts, aren't there any whistles in between? On a well functioning beer/rec league team partial responsibility falls to the next line/player sitting on the bench to jump the boards on a whistle if the current line/player has been out more than a minute (45 second shifts are for competitive hockey, beer league should be 60-90 second shifts).

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