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06-07-2012, 01:45 PM
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Originally Posted by TehDoak View Post
Sorry, but if Pittsburgh can put together a team good enough to win without Crosby, the Sabres have 0 excuses.
Except they've won absolutely nothing without Crosby. This fairy tale about great teams overcoming injuries is just that. They didn't win the Cup without Crosby. Or is just getting into the playoffs now the mark of a great team?

Fans hate to admit that injuries matter because they are generally an unexpected and uncontrollable event. Fans want to pin blame on someone and they don't want that taken from them by something that's really no one's fault.

The irony with Pittsburgh and injuries is it took one to help them win the Cup. For all the talk of the coaching change that year and the additions at the deadline. The biggest factor in the Finals that year was Datsyuk being out injured for the first 4 games with a foot injury. Then returning and trying to play at a fraction of what he is capable of in the last 3. That was enough in a 7 game series to swing the tide in the Pens favor.

Injuries, whether to their own players or to their opponents, can play role in a teams success. Sometimes in a huge way. The Bruins winning the Cup last year with the Nucks defense ravaged by injuries and suspensions and Kesler playing at a fraction of what he could being another example. The Bruins also had a healthy Bergeron and Krecji during their run to the Cup. That wasn't the case the year before the Cup run or this past season and the results aren't a coincidence. Those are key guys they rely on heavily to win. A more painful example of the impact of injuries would be our run of bad injury luck in the Eastern Conference Finals in 2006.

Winning a Cup takes a well built team and some luck (part of the luck involves injuries).

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